Open letter from Sonja to Horst

Dear Horst,

God makes things anew everyday and this is amazing!

April has been a month of equipment, old and new friends holding strong together, new bridges on the way.

  • Starting with the visit of Verena and Markus, their visit here was a real blessing. The time was short but great
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We want to say thank you to everyone who helped for the car, and to Markus and Verena, special thanks for the car transportation.  We are amazed how God has been providing and caring in detail, even for the people who make transportation. God is the Master of Puzzles.

We were very happy to try it when we carried food for the families. It can carry lots. 🙂

Our first days of April started with finding house for our family in Shkodra, as it is easier for us to be nearer to the people on daily basis, and helping in the Church ministry. All this time, until the end of May when kids, Ester and Gabriela finish school, we are living and working between Durres, Tirana and Shkoder.(We saw it as inappropriate to change their school and their friends two times in one year. It took them a long period of time to get adjusted to the new environment when we first came here from Germany)

Easter celebration was very unique even this year. We celebrated the resurrection of Christ with the families in blood feud and the poor families at the church. We could pray for these people and many of them were really touched by the love of God which is given to us unconditionally. There were prepared also about 100 food packages to deliver to each of these poor families at the end of the meeting.

As we have previously written, and as you have seen in your last visit here, the needs of the people are so many, and so urgent.  God has the best solutions.


  • The New Elementary School Project

During this month, we have been intensively working in the project of the new Elementary School that we plan to open on September. We believe it will be the first brick for the transformation of the community we live in.

With the grace of God we hope to be successful in applying and taking the License. According to the Albanian Law, the request for the license should be submitted three months before the new academic year.  So, from this month up to June, our focus is in preparing the full files of the documents needed for the initial application.

We have seen for the building/the place for the school, up to now there are many good options that we can rent. The monthly payment for it goes around 1000 Euros monthly. Actually, we intend to find another building where the first floor could be used for the church, and other floors can be used for the classrooms and offices.

This is one good place we are negotiating. Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-18 um 21.01.01

We are looking for the teachers and the right people that will be engaged in the school.

By June we hope to have equipments and materials needed for the school.

To conclude, prayers are mostly needed for: 

  1. The process of opening the School in September. Pray for favor in taking the license, finances and the teachers.

 AND IF YOU KNOW ANY TEACHER THAT WOULD WANT TO COME as MISSIONARY EVEN FOR A SHORT TIME, let us know. It will be provided housing and a family for them, and will make sure they have a lot to do here.

2. It is a transition time for the Church; there will be even a new address. The old place where the Church has been having the meetings is in the 5th floor of a building. And as there is no lift, it is so difficult for the older people to come upstairs. Please, pray for the right building, God will lead our steps there.

3. Praying for blood feud families and praying that this phenomenon will stop in Jesus Name. 2 weeks ago a 45 years old man was killed for revenge in the elevator of his apartment.

4. Services that the Church has, for us to see God with His power performing signs and wonders & renewing lives.

We feel strong and courageous with the support of blessed brothers and sisters who work and dream nonstop for the Kingdom of Heaven!

We rejoice in the Love of the Father!

Best Regards,

Alban and Sonja

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