Albanien sagt: „Danke!“

Hallo Lieber Horst,


Finally the truck arrived in Shkoder yesterday evening at 20:00, but according to the authorization of the police we were allowed to bring the truck near the school at 22:00. This because the building is right in the city center and the streets are too narrow. So at 22:00 until 00: 30 midnight we could successfully download all materials.

I really want to give a big big thanks to all of you there. You have done an enormous job. We are so grateful for the support and all your heartful help in everything, and all your care in detail. Thank you brothers and sisters.

Yesterday it was a nice coincidence with the date, on 27. 07.2015 ( two years ago) we came in Lüdenscheid in Dickenberg Schule as refugees and yesterday it was like we were an inverted situation. Such a surprising God we have.

God bless you!

Lieben Grüsse

Sonja and Alban

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